Monday, August 16, 2010

Streets of Okinawa

Sad to say we arrived over 10 days ago on the island of Okinawa and I have yet to post on my blog. I should be flogged but thankfully none of you can find me to do it! So lets begin from the beginning...

We arrived under the cover of darkness. Our amazing sponsors drove us to our hotel room. It was filled with goodies, lots of food! Yeah US! We hit the bed not too long after and the next 10 days have been a whirlwind of chaos, fun and sleep!
I'll recap for you in true military form:
  • Had a housing meeting, told us to wait a week and see if they have anything for us!
  • Still sleeping in hotel.
  • Hotel is a Japanese hotel, everything is in Japanese... did you know none of us speak or read Japanese! More on that later.
  • Went to the commissary, about killed us getting there we took all back roads and then were asked. Do you remember how we got here? Ummm NO!
  • Went to take the drivers test! I panicked and felt like I was 16 all over again. Thankfully we passed the test!
  • Went to the newcomers briefing that would explain life on the island to us and explain the "ropes" for us newbies! They took a 8 hour briefing and told it to us in 4 hours! They talked faster than a speeding bullet. What did I take away from the briefing... suicide kills, don't do it. Be very cautious of the waters they are super dangerous, and oh the scuba diving and snorkling is some of the best in the world. One more thing, don't drink and drive. They told us that about 500 times... okay I got it.
  • Found my friend who was lost since elementary school... we haven't seen each other since HS. She just happens to be stationed here w/ her husband and kids. Perfect, and instant family! LOVIN' IT!
  • Bought two cars in less than 24 hours. Talk about stressful... the steering wheel is on the wrong side and you are NOT allowed to test drive cars here.
  • They gave me a drivers license and a car within 24 hours... in a foreign country where they all drive wrong! This make NO sense to me at all!
  • Got stung by a jellyfish... should have listened more at the briefing, those waters sure are dangerous!
  • Finally got some sleep, we are officially on Okinawa time.
  • Got lost twice...
  • Went to church twice, two different ones. Think we may have found a church home... going back next week to check it out again. Yeah, we really need to get planted somewhere.
  • Boys went to Boy Scouts... loved it. Now looking for a troop closer to our home, not 45 minutes away!
  • Kids swam in hotel pool too many times.
  • Ate out toooooooo many times but WOOW it all tastes sooo delicious!
  • Japanese TV stinks, especially when it's all in Japanese. Although the kids think Disney channel in Japanese still rocks. I am now insane... you'll find me w/ Mickey Mouse ears living in a shoe box on the corner rocking back and forth singing "won't you be my neighbor!"
  • I would post more pictures but the internet will not allow me to do so. Check out our photos on Facebook.

This is a picture of us driving down the street. You can see the crystal blue water ahead. That's the China Sea... where sea creatures lurk to sting cute ladies named Colleen.

Until next time... we'll be snorkeling and cruising the streets of Okinawa in style, praying we don't get lost again!


Robin Marie said...

Yay! This is so great! I enjoyed the time I spent in Tokyo several years ago...I think it may be better there because of the beach and beautiful landscape! I loved your comment about mickey mouse ears and swaying back and forth! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

So mant changes in such a short time. But I bet you are lovin it. Love the pix on facebook. Keep them coming. Mom M.