Friday, August 20, 2010

Ethan and his Zhu Zhu Pet

Okay, relax this posting isn't about Japan.
Aren't you relieved...

Here goes, many of you know or have heard me talk about my SIL (sister-in-law), Mark's brother's wife Amy, not a cousin or related to the family accept by marriage, but there are from Kentucky! Amy and Chris have 4 children. Their first born son, Ethan, who is the third born child is struggling with potty training! I kept telling Amy boys are the worst, don't bother they'll figure it out (I am speaking from experience here, don't worry I am a professional boy potty trainer, and I have the certificate to prove it!) So here they go...Ethan has two older sisters and a cousin (my Katie) who loves Zhu Zhu pets. He can't get enough of them. So Amy and Chris got this brilliant idea to bribe Ethan w/ a Zhu Zhu pet. Ethan does pretty good going #1 on the potty, but #2 is a No-Way-Jose kinda thing. The deal was when Ethan goes poop on the potty, just one time mind you, Ethan will get a Zhu Zhu pet.

They bought his Zhu Zhu pet early July about the first to be exact! This Zhu Zhu pet has sat on top of the fireplace mantel since then. They even brought it out to Mom and Dad's (when we were visiting this summer) in hopes that my boys and Katie could convince him and encourage him to face his fears and earn his Zhu Zhu pet. It was a no go, he simply refused. He wasn't gonna do it for 100 Zhu Zhu pets!

Just this week, my Ethan earned his Zhu Zhu pet! It was only about 6 weeks after they bought it for him. Yeah, I think they honestly had a party for him! The next day after earning his Zhu Zhu pet Amy asked him "Let's go poop on the potty?"

Ya know that that lil' stinker said, "No thanks, I already go my Zhu Zhu pet!"

All I can say is he got his stubbornness from the Francis side of the family!

But then again, I am the favorite AUNTIEEEEEEEEEE!

I think I shall send him some Ninja Zhu pets for Christmas, we'll show those girls huh!

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Scrappy said...

You are sooooo very right when it comes to potty training boys! I think my third son trained himeslf at the age of three. Zhu-Zhu pets are awesome! My daughter has an entire village set up in her room of them. The joys of a hamster without the smell! Ah, now that is the life!