Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love these displays at Sanae… it’s a department store, similar to Sears but more upscale! More Like a Macy's but with tools, computers, appliances, and even a food court! Oh... pardon me! Caleb insists that I mention it also has a huge gigantic game room! (similar to Chuck E Cheese minus the annoying Mouse, what is nice parents send their kids over there to keep them occupied while they shop! I love it!)
The sell Spam and Corned Beef Hash in gift boxes! Apparently they sell like crazy during the holidays and as house warming gifts.They also have other bizarre odd gifts I'll take more pictures of them later!
An easy way to exchange Yen into Dollars is to move the decimal to the left 2 places. Then add a little bit of Dollars b/c the exchange rate is horrible right now!
Refrigerators for sale at the Sanae!

I love the doors and drawers. All of their products are so energy efficient and convenient. Of course if I kept this frig for too long I’d stock it and forget where I put things so I would have to label the outside to know what was where! A Sign at the bookstore inside Sanae… I love the Fairy Tails! Wish I knew that the sign actually said...

Book found in the above bookstore… I love the cover and would love to read it just because the picture is so awesome! If anyone can find it in English… send it to me!


Anonymous said...

I cannot get over those fridges. I though they were tool boxes for a minute and then some type of storage cabinet! Will you have one like that or an American one?

your SIL

Ryan, Michelle and Alex said...

My son has heard me read your blog postings to my husband several times. He recently decided that Japan sounds so interesting and quite fun, (although the pedis did nothing for him except cause him to shake his head wonderingly)! High praise from an 11 (nearly 12)year old! He switched the money conversion tracker gadget on his computer to show Yen to USD! Cracked me up! As for the adults in the my house, we love your postings, please keep 'em coming. By the way, I LOVE the fridges! Think they will ship? LOL