Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Read Blogs...

I think I read a lot of blogs. I don't just follow them I actually spend time reading them. I read about 8 faithfully and then bounce around about 5-10 others when I have time. How come lately I am beyond frustrated with what I read? I am about to quit half the blogs I follow because they are putting me in a bad mood. I can't just get up and walk away... I want to do something about it. For one blog I want to send the parents the book/parenting class program "Growing Kids God's Way!" They claim to be a "religious/Christian" family but are blowing the basic principles outta the water. Another blogger would receive the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" because all she does is bash her friends and hate the world, nothing in it is ever right. The last blogger I am beyond frustrated with would receive the book "Why do bad things happen to good people?" and also "Purpose Driven Life". From ashes comes victory, mourning turns into dancing. Don't get me wrong, I love people. I have a passion for helping people, but I too am human and my sanity level is dropping w/ age.

I will not send anyone books, don't be looking in your mailbox for "love mail"; instead I've decided to honestly pray for them. Take the time I would be reading their blogs and ask God to bless them, to encourage them, for them to see what God is truly capable of... giving them a life of freedom. I figure if I can take those moments to pray and bless others than I will no longer be frustrated and stressed, I take the focus off me and back onto God and His purpose, the plan He has for me anyway.


The Thai Family said...

I know what you mean. I read way too many blogs and some of them infuriate me to no end. I have unsubscribed through google reader (which is what I use to read them) lately b/c it's just not good for my soul to be reading it to begin with. If I'm wasting my energy on blogs that make me angry and cause my mood to be altered then it's just not worth it. you know?

Scrappy said...

Hmmmmmmm...I may be one of the blogs that you need to mail a book to, but I have the ones you have mentioned. LOL! Actually, if my blog has upset you in any way I am truly sorry. Last Monday was a stressful day for me and I probably should not have blogged that day. I do like reading yours :-D