Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random things I've notice on the nationals...

Things I've observed and sometimes question about the people of Okinawa~
  • They don't wear sunglasses. It's blazing sun all the time and they don't wear sunglasses. I physically cannot see without my sunglasses it's so bright here.
  • They cover themselves up in the heat, they wear long pants, long shirts, hats or a lot of scarves (maybe they read Amanda's tutorial on how to wear a scarf and they wanna be fashion trendy?), and my favorite socks w/ sandals (flip flops most of the time!) I know the dangers of sun rays, but it's so HOT! We, Americans, stand out, not just because of our skin tone but also b/c we are wearing shorts, tank tops and still sweating profusely and they are full covered and appear to be cool as a cucumber!
  • When they mow or use the weed whipper they look like men who tend to bees! All covered up with head gear and all. Strange sight compared to the lawn mowing services in America w/ plumbers crack and wife beaters for shirts!
  • They remove their shoes whenever you enter a home, in certain restaurants and businesses. I even see them without shoes outside, but their feet are never dirty. What is their secret? And will it work on my grimy boys?
  • They believe that the traffic light is still green and you can go through it up to 4 seconds even after it has turned red. Thus, one must drive very cautiously!
  • And last but not least... you almost NEVER see them drinking sodas, it's either water or fruit juices! Mark says it's because they've never had good Cream Soda!

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Anonymous said...

So they are not concerned about their eyes in the sun but every inch of skin huh? Not that I wear sunglasses, they are always more of just a hair accessory to keep my bangs out of my face! I must need some sleep when I read the part about them removing their shoes I read it several times and thought it said shirts!

Your sleep-deprived sis!

Miss you guys tons!