Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Things Daughters Do...

Basically we have the same routine every night, showers before bed. When one child is done they scream downstairs to alert the next kid to head on in. It's a easy system and it works for us.

Last night Katie bellows down for Caleb. A few minutes later I hear, "Mom, can you help me?" It was one of those voices that said come now but don't panic. So I left my enticing game of Words with Friends to check on my sweet sweet Junior.

What do you think I found when I got to the top of the steps? K80 standing wrapped in her bath towel next to her door holding a bobby pin. "I think I locked myself out of my room!"

A good mom response is, "Okay, no big deal. How did you do that?" (I must tell you I was a good mom and that WAS the question I asked, very politely with much curiosity!)

Her answer will amaze you.... "I wanted to test my lock picking skills, I guess I'm not very good at it!"

Running thru my head was, right now while you're standing there naked under a towel is when you decided to test your lock picking skills. All righty then!

I tried to pick it. Nope. Mark tried to pick it. Nope. We (meaning ME) went up and down the steps no less than 10 times trying to find anything that would allow us to open the door. After about 15 minutes we were in!

She cried, I tried not to laugh. It really wasn't a big deal but it makes me laugh at some of the stuff she tries to do.

Note to self... get a door key! (a bobby pin, credit card, 6 different screw drivers, a knife and an awe do not work so well!)... neither does kicking it, or Crying but that's another tale to tell!

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