Thursday, February 9, 2012


February 10, 1993 Mark enlisted into the Marines. Exactly 19 years later on February 10th, 2012 Mark reenlisted in the Marines for another 4 years.

This was his fourth reenlistment. I was at his first one and this one.

Sadly I missed the last two. His second reenlistment ceremony was on his second Med Float MEU deployment. His third reenlistment was at MARSOC (neither one of us can remember why I wasn't at that one!).

So many people have asked us why we (meaning Mark and not me) reenlisted for another 4 years. I'll be honest it was a very difficult decision. We spent the last three months praying about this ginormous life moment. We didn't enter into this lightly to say the least. We weighed all the pros and cons. Talked about it endlessly and sought advice from many people.

Most everyone pointed us in the direction of getting out... think about all the money and freedom you'll have in the civilian world. You'll live closer to family, you have more options. The list went on and on as to why to get out. The only thing people said about staying in was it was safe. Meaning you're making a good decision because it's scary out here with the state of the economy, and the unemployment rate is so high. After a lot of prayer and deep discussions with God we decided we'd allow Him to make the decision for us.

For years Mark has said as long as he's having fun (in the Marines) he's staying in. I said, when he decided to make a career out of it after his third enlistment, he wasn't 'allowed' to retire until he was a Master Guns. God reiterated three things to us... first of all Mark you're still having FUN! Secondly you need another rocker on that collar! and thirdly... "I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!" (2 Timothy 1:7) You don't make decisions out of fear, you make them because of the Word living in you. So there you go... that's why WE (yes I said we because the kids and I are in this with him) reenlisted into the Marines for another 4 years, taking us to 23 years serving our great Corps and Country!

I had to put this picture on here... Mark's boot camp photo.

He looks just as mean now as he did then.

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