Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Prices are on the RISE!

Today I went to the commissary!

Prices are rising at a rapid rate and it's getting out of control!
One 3/4 gallon of milk (NOT A WHOLE GALLON) is $4.27!
2 Green Peppers Normal size cost me $4.00 ($2.00 EACH!)

One (1) stinkin' cucumber was $.75!

I'm so looking forward to FRESH veggies and inexpensive ones when we get to the states! Oh the variety we'll have!

I budget $250 for groceries every two weeks. Something inside me told me last night to add $50 to the budget when I was working on it. I didn't listen. Today, I spent $231.45 at the commissary. Aside from fresh produce this will last us til next payday. No need to worry about fresh produce cause we ain't ever eatin' it again!

Next payday I'll be sure to listen to my gut and up that budget for food!

1 comment:

Scrappy said...

Holy cow that is expensive! I am fortunate to have a Walmart Market Place by my house that price matches for me. I have not paid more than $2 for a gallon of milk in about 6 months. Produce is killing me though...