Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day of School (I mean Chaos) 2011

It's tradition across the lands of this world to embarrass I mean take photos of your kids on the first day of school each and every school year. The tradition doesn't end when you hit middle school, high school and in some cases college. (I had a friend last year who made her sweet husband take first day of grad school photos, wish I had thought of that!) Today was that day for us... you'll see some super happy campers in these photos who just LOVED to get their photo taken. (I didn't care, I just kept snappin' pictures!)

Look at Junior, doesn't she look thrilled? Mark threatened her all weekend that we were gonna wear our bathrobes and hair curlers to take them to school. Not that we've ever done that but the horror of the prospects crippled my poor girl!
Nice sweatshirt huh!? It's like 3 years old, a handimedown from the boys. She loves it; I on the other hand could have died that she wanted to wear THAT to the first day of middle school. But then again I was reminded this morning... "Mom, you just don't know what cool is anymore!"

My grown up response.... "WHATEVER!"

This boy, Seth, is also wearing a old t-shirt to school the first day. New Shoes, new shorts, very old t-shirt. Why you might ask? Because he used his shirt sleeve as a napkin for breakfast and I made him change his clothes. So he picked this shirt... I just closed my eyes and prayed some more!

Don't get me started with this stud, Caleb, tryin' to look all cool and hardcore. He's so sweet and cuddly I like him just the way he is... when he smiles for me!

This one's not too bad. It's amazing how TALL my boys are. We have several friends who have high school kids, yep my boys are taller than them, their boys too! I won't be surprised if the boys are 6'4" and 6'3" with K80 topping out at 6' and weighing a whopping buck 10! (Which one do you think will be taller? or bigger overall?)

This one is just for fun. Mark snuck up behind Caleb and 'caught' him just as I was taken this picture. I love the natural smile and joy in his eyes. Where was this sweet boy when I was taken his school pictures 10 minutes later? Oh Yeah... he's in 7th grade... must look tough!

How did you first day of school photos turn out? Was it a blissful experience like mine?

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