Monday, September 12, 2011

What Month Is It?

As I was reading through this month's "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine I discovered something new about this month, September, that I had never known before. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

In 2011 an estimated 21,000 women will be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Tragically 15,000 women will die as a result of a OC. In my little world, I know 3 woman personally who are in the fight right now. OC is often overlooked, misdiagnosed and known as the silent killer. I certainly do not want to preach to you, you can find the facts on OC by clicking HERE! However, I would like to share a part of my story that has recently come into light.

For the past several years I've suffered horribly from severe abdominal cramping and frequent trips to the bathroom. Sometimes I couldn't even leave my house. It was crippling. I thought it was due to my chlorine allergy and tried to watch everything I ate and drank. Nothing seemed to help. Then today, it dawned on me that I've not had this issue since I had my surgery. Was this a whisper or screaming symptom that myself and my primary care doctor overlooked? Most certainly. One of the most frequent symptoms of OC is abdominal pain and bloating. Exactly what plagued my life for years.

Moral of the blog for today: If something isn't right, it probably isn't!

You know your body better than any doctor. If you think something is wrong, get it checked out. I'm glad I pushed my doctor for this surgery, it literally could have saved my life.

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