Friday, August 12, 2011

Movin' on Up!

This looks very similar to our old house, but it's not! It's VERY different. For starters we won't have 54 children living in our court. There are only 4 four bedrooms up on our hill. Just down our hill we have about 8 two bedroom apartments, but they are a bit down the way. AND here is the GREAT news it's renovated. So everything is new. Even the grass! It's an end unit so we'll have more yard to tend too but that's okay. That's what I had boys for. We've lost quite a bit of storage but we'll manage. We haven't accumulated that much stuff since we've arrived on island so we'll be good to go. We are going to try to give the boys their own room's. They've never been apart and they are fighting over who gets what room.
I'm so excited to do this move alone... can you tell?!

We also registered the kids for school. Yep, this means 3 schools in 3 years for all my kiddos. Stinks super big time. Pray they get the electives that they requested. They are also so very nervous to start another new school. They are only 1km from school so they get to walk. I'm happy about that... it means no bus drama. YEAH ME!

I'll post more soon, but I've got to jet and get ready for the last night of VBS!

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