Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seth my Hero!

Sunday morning we are rushing out the door before church like most people. The reason we rush is I think I can do a half an afternoon's worth of chores on our to do lists on Sunday morning before we leave. It's been almost 19 years and it hasn't worked yet, but each Sunday I do my best to try! I am not a QUITTER! But that is another tale... you're wondering about this photo... allow me to explain!

So Sunday morning arrives, we head out to the van. I'm driving as Mark's been on heavy duty painkillers for his shoulder (can't wait for surgery and we are on the road to recovery!) I open the driver's door to climb in... Seth shouts...

"Mom, there's a spider on you!"

I leaped out of the van, did the jig and slapped myself like crazy!

"MOM! The spider's still there, it's on your thigh!"

Mark graciously smacks my thigh and brushes it to the ground, and he steps on it. But NOT before I saw it... it was HUGE! I wanted to squeal like a girl, I opened my mouth and Mark gave me the don't you dare "Daddy Look!" It was a MMMOOONSTER SPIDER, not really but it was almost the size of a quarter! Which is big enough for me!

I kiss Mark, get back into the van, thank my sweet Seth for saving my life and begin to drive away. It was then when I noticed all of the spider webs on the steering wheel, on the gear shifter thingie and wiper stick thing... it was gross. I can't concentrate on driving under these conditions. I swerved all over the road until Mark helped me swipe them all away. He's such a gentleman and I truly appreciated him... until he laughed at me!

I couldn't concentrate in church. I felt like I had spider babies crawling all over me. It's a gross feeling. I have no idea what the sermon was about. (holding my head down in shame... "I'm sorry Pastor John.") I don't deal well with creepy crawling things! I love camping and the outdoors but not in my house and certain NOT in my car!

I now find myself praying before I get in the car, asking my Jesus to get the bugs for me. He'll do that. He loves me and unlike Mark he doesn't laugh at me! (well at least I can't hear Him if He does!)

Moral of the Day... check the car for spiders before entering the vehicle. It could save your life.

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