Thursday, March 1, 2012

I believe this is a FIRST!

I think this is a first for me... if not it's been sooooooo long ago I don't remember it.

I slept thru my alarm. I've always been petrified of sleeping through my alarm clock. I hate the snooze button and probably have only used it 10 times in my whole life. Today I woke up at 5:35am. I know this because I looked at my watch on my way to the bathroom. My alarm clock is my watch since our old clock that Mark had in high school died about 6 months ago! We are very high tech around here. I keep my watch beside my bed in a really cool bowl shaped coffee cup. (I don't really know why I just told you all that?)

So anyways, I wake up at 5:35. I return to bed, for some strange reason I put on my watch. I think I was sleep walking or something. Well my arm ended up under the covers and I never heard the alarm go off. Hence sleeping thru the alarm. I abruptly awoke and grabbed my bowl to get my watch out and subconsciously finding it odd that it's on my wrist. So I look at it. It reads 6:20. We get up promptly at 6:00 for school; 20 minutes late...Ughhh!

I scurry around getting my sweet cherubs up. "Mom why'd you wake us up late, you never wake us up late! We'll be late for school!" I calmly reply "You won't be late you just can't lallygag this morning."

Needless to say they weren't late...And I still made the clay for Katie's project this morning...And they had a healthy fruit filled breakfast of fresh grapes and Crunch Berries and apple juice! (Yep, I finally made it to the commissary yesterday!)

Moral of the story... even if you're late. Remain calm, stay focused, and you can still make it out the door on time!

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