Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fighting Couple and Church

Yesterday in church I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously laughing. You see Mark and I have found ourselves sitting behind a local national couple every week for the past couple of months. They are such a sweet couple probably in their mid sixties or early seventies. They are truly the cute old couple that Mark and I want to grow old and be like. But yesterday, yesterday they were AWESOME!

Picture this, we are early in the service singing Praise and Worship songs. The couple is in front of us, singing. The wife is getting into the service, raising her hands and worshiping. It's pretty normal right. Suddenly she reaches over to her husbands hand grabs it and tries to force him to raise his hands while he sings. He revolted and yanked it back down. They shared 'a look' and she resumed to her singing. A minute or so later the same thing! She is aggressively trying to get him to join in on the praise. He's determined that he ain't doing it! The looks between them were hysterical. I couldn't help but laugh. This went on for a few minutes back and forth. I'm talking strong belly laugh at this point. Mark can't hold it in either. Tears are now streaming down my face from laughing so hard. I'm trying not to make a scene but I can't help it. They were so stinkin' cute fighting over putting their hands up singing.

Understand that the Okinawan people are very reserved and formal. So to watch this display of marital bliss, when it's the wife pushing the husband is funny enough but to see it in church over praise and worship was priceless. I've seen this couple many times before and they are usually very proper and respectful toward one another. But today, (well actually yesterday) they let their hair down so to speak and shared their lives with us.

I love it, it makes me smile that every family has moments. After the service they looked into each other's eyes and shared a small peck of a kiss. Mark and I did the same thing, laughing and smiling the rest of the afternoon knowing that we aren't the only couple that shares intense moments of fellowship, even during church!

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joyfullycrazy5 said...

What a sweet moment to capture :)