Saturday, July 2, 2011

WOW! It's Been too Long!

Wow, it's been too long since you've had a real update so here you go. Let's start from the beginning. Okay we won't go that far back but I'll give you a few photos that will help tell this crazy funny story of the life we've lived lately.

Let's start with the photo below. It was taken before my surgery when my girlfriend, Maureen, accompanied me to Hawaii. We had a lot of time to spend with not much money. Maureen spotted this revolving restaurant miles away on our way home from the hospital one day and decided we needed to eat there. So keeping our eyes in the sky (on the prize) we weaved our way through traffic and finally found this beautiful mecca of restaurants. Then we found out it was closed, but right next door was something even more majestic. It was Sam's Club. We had a blast; spent several hours wandering the isles drinking Coke Icee's and filling up that super-sized shopping cart. Below is the picture of our loot. We got a huge frying pan, a swim suit, several t-shirts, underwear, pop tarts, socks, magazines, and a couple totally rockin' 70's/80's disco music CD's! And YES, you see a Nordstroms and Macy's sign in the background but there's something about Sam's that makes the two of us smile!

This picture is from the day we arrived in Hawaii. We went straight to Pearl Harbor. Every American needs to experience this sacred ground.
I Love Love Love this picture of my mom and I. This was taken 8 days post surgery. No, we didn't hike Diamond Head but we did watch a helicopter rescue mission from the peak. That was pretty neat, the girl was okay we suspect it was a heat related rescue but we have no proof.
This is by far my most favorite photo. It's me and my Marine. He arrived the last few days I was in Hawaii. He was there for a work related conference, but he managed to carve out a little bit of time for me. This photo was taken at the Luau at the Hale Koa. Scrumptious Dinner and great memories.

Now for the update that you are really interested in... Friday's doctor appointment. Dr. Coats' report... "you are healing as expected. The pain you still have is completely normal. It was a pretty intense surgery and it's gonna take longer to heal than you thought. You will probably experience pain for another 4 weeks but you can return to a 'normal' life as you feel you are ready!"

Translation... Alaska here I come!

That's our Update! Until next time... keep your chin up!

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Scrappy said...

Still praying for you and healing. I am with you -- I would rather a Sam's Club too! Well, actually a Costco. LOL! Although I would have hit up NOrdstroms and Macy's afterwards :-P