Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pix from the 49th State!

K80 lost a set of antlers along the path, but boy isn't she a cutie. We'll keep her another year!

A mama and her baby. They were right and I mean right next to our campsite. They eventually walked through our site at Denali. It was so beautiful and sweet to watch them chomp on trees and bushes along their way.

There she is... McKinley... aka Denali. I prefer the name Denali. Yeah, McKinley's from Ohio but Denali... that just sounds so majestic. Fitting for a mountain like this "the high one". The tallest mountain in North America. And I got to see her! We are in the 30% club. Did you know that less than 30% of all people who go to Alaska actually see her! We saw her 3 different days, I do believe that puts us in the 5% club.

K80 found her one true love a new born puppy. We went to the Iditorod Headquarters in Wasilla. They had 4 four-week old pups (the other 6 were at home w/ mama). I can honestly say we couldn't put them down. K80 became an official puppy handler letting all of the visitors hug and love on them. I musta taken 100 shots of just the pups, Mark can we please have one? We so miss having a dog, but life in Okinawa doesn't make it easy to have one. One day, promise we'll have another pup... I vote for an miniature Alaskan malamute with bright blue eyes, but I guess I have to let Mark have an input too.

And we found this, the largest pure chocolate fountain in the world. Yep, we bought some and taste tested some more. Sorry we already ate it all. That's what happens when you buy it early in the 1400 mile trip. Sure was super delicious you'll have to come to Alaska to try your own, they only had like 20 different fudges and 100+ chocolate candies to choose from.

More photos to come but I'll leave you with this quote that I heard from a friend who heard it from Pastor Ron at church this past Sunday... (clear as mud right! that's not the quote silly goose!)

When you sow your "wild oats" don't expect a good harvest from bad seed!

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