Sunday, March 13, 2011

200th Post...

I can't believe this is my 200th post, but it is!

Am I that old?
Does this blog make my butt look big? (don't answer that I honestly don't want to know!)
That being said, I bet you are wondering where I've been for the past couple of weeks. I've been enjoying a beautiful visit with my mom. She's flew here from Ohio almost 3 weeks ago and it's been nonstop since she arrived. Here's a brief recap of our visit thus far... with some pictures of course!

The kids and I took Dad and Grandma to their first roller park. This particular park was huge and down by the Japanese Naval Underground Headquarters. Which we visited earlier that day... more pictures below!

This is a picture from Hedo Point the most northern tip of the island of Okinawa.
It's beautiful up there!

This is a sign outside the Underground Headquarters.
Inside the tunnels. Breathe taking, very humbling and sad. What a story it tells.
Mom and I went whale watching. That was AWESOME! The seas were a bit rough but such a great experience.
The kids and I took Grandma Geo Caching for the first time. Actually we've been several times, this is just one of the many caches we've found!
And today mom and I snuck off to the Renaissance Hotel and watched the dolphins. They had a total of 9. There were 3 babies in this area, they were so adorable. Wish we could have gotten closer but we were already pushing the boundaries. They were training and feeding them; sadly we had to leave early to pick up the boys from school. This is definitely a go back to place with the kids. They were sooooooo jealous! It was truly priceless.
Tomorrow we are off to the Harley Davidson dealership for fun, then to the antique shop,
and possibly hit a shrine on the way home.
Only a week left with my mom, gotta make it the best!

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