Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's very interesting that most homes here on the island do not have yards. The only homes that have them are military housing or housing set aside off base for military/Americans
to live. The reason? It's quite simple, they have gardens. Okinawans are very very good
at utilizing every meter (haha inch) of space available. Each home uses whatever green
space they have for gardens: flower, herb, vegetable and fruit gardens. They rotate their crops so something is always in season. It's quite remarkable, very resourceful and
completely self-reliant. I'll explain more on that in a later post.

This being said parks are where the kids go to play, stretch their legs, run and go wild.
And it's spring time in Okinawa and the other weekend while out GeoCaching we discovered a common weed... Ummmm I mean flower? Yep the dandelion. Those pesky little weeds are over here. I was honestly surprised to see them. As I was verbally wondering how these little precious flowers have come to adorn the little bit of grasslands on the island...
my mom said "probably on the combat boots of the Marines invading during the
Battle of Okinawa during WWII". Think of it this way... we've given the children of Okinawa a gift!
I am certain they too pick these flowers and run them to their mama's and grandma's
with pure joy of the gift they bring. It's a beautiful thing no matter what country... a kitchen graced with a jar filled with dandelions given in love by the wee ones of our homes.

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