Sunday, January 17, 2010

OHHH My Achin' Arms!

I can hardly move my arms. Typing this is painful. You ask why… I’ll tell you why. The stupid chainsaw died (chain fell off and I don’t know how to put it back on!) and I had to trim the trees with those pinchy squeeze your arms together cutting tool thing. HOLY CRAP my arms hurt. I got about 75% of the trees done. Two trees which housed bird nests in them & I didn’t want to kill the birds, so I left them alone. And the rest I couldn’t reach due to the fact my arms were now dragging on the ground because the hurt so stinkin’ bad. We got a huge pile of limps out front so I am happy about that, but sure I’ll pay for this hard labor for a few days.

I was blessed to have 6 eager young children (our 3 and my friends 3) here to help carry all the branches out front. The only payment they requested was 2, yes two, Icee Pops. I paid them in full, I owe no one an Icee Pop… except my aching back and sore arms!
Above is the actual picture of me in my hooker heels trimming my trees. I am usually a lot tanner in the summer, but I've got the winter white skin going on!

Here is how I really felt.

This is the type of tool I used, but mine was older than the trees themselves, it has literally 50+ years of use put into them. The next picture is the tool I want to use next year.
Let me tell ya, these trees better bloom huge this spring & summer! If they do believe you me I am getting me one of these alligator loppers from my tool guy at Lowe's. You can count on it!


Mark said... yeah... I am not convinced that is you in the above picture.... If it is, we need to discuss your shoe-buying budget... not saying you cannot buy them, just that they actually match your chain-saw.

I love you and appreciate the work you are doing around the house. I will get those taller trees and will work to get that chain back on the saw when I get home.

You are TOOO cute!

I adore you!

Dani said...

so...what's wrong with matching your shoes to your chainsaw??!! a girl HAS to look good EVEN when working in the yard!!

Colleen you look SEXY!! I am so glad you understand the importance of fashion LOL!! Love you Crazy momma!!!

Dani said...

so...what's wrong with matching your shoes to your chainsaw??! a girl has GOT to look good EVEN when working in the yard!! I am so thrilled Colleen understands the importance of fashion!! LOL!!

Love you CRAZY lady!!

mstewart said...

Your tools look better than the saw I used to bring down the tree branch that fell in the ice storm last year, guess we need to get updated.