Monday, January 11, 2010

Caleb, you are too kind

A conversation Caleb had with me during the morning hours of getting ready for school...

Caleb: "Hey Mom, how much does is cost to go to the spa for a hot-tub and massage?"

Me: "Caleb, I don't know why are you asking me this? Please eat your breakfast."

Caleb: "I am done Mom, I need to brush my teeth. But really Mom, how much is it?"

Me: "UGGHHH, Are you talking all day at the spa? And why do need to know?"

Caleb: "I don't know, how much?"

Me: "Well, a couple of hours is about a $100, and all day a couple of hundred!" said in frustration.

Caleb: "Oh?!" said with a bit of confusion and disappointment.

Me: "Why is this so important?"

Caleb: " Well, Mom you are looking a little rundown and stressed out."

Me: "Nice Caleb, thanks for letting me know!"

Caleb: "I am just trying to help."

Me: "Go brush your teeth, now please!"

Caleb: "Yes, ma'am. I love you!" said with eyebrows raised and a half smile!

Not sure how I should respond to this, but it's apparently obvious to my kids that I am rundown and disheveled. Praise God, we only have 30 more days till Mark gets home.

Anyone wanna sponsor a day at the spa for me?!

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