Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas went off with me...

Well this Christmas certainly wasn't what I had planned it to be, but I sure am glad I was as organized as I was for Christmas. You see, I've been living with a nasty jagged snaggled toothed 7+mm kidney stone for over a week. And he's been an ugly character. The meds the ER put me last Saturday leave me, well lets just say pretty worthless and spaced out. Finally on Christmas Eve I was able to get into a Doctors office in Morehead City (only 45 minutes from home!) and he took some more x-rays and sent to straight to OR. By 2pm yesterday afternoon we were on our way home, drugged up but stone free. As Caleb so sweetly put it "they laser blasted my mom's gut and killed that stone!". Today, on Christmas Day I am still in a lot of pain and discomfort but I'm glad I am home. Mom did a great job making sure Santa knew where to come and leave all the presents. She made Christmas breakfast and has been nursing me back to health. Christmas went off without any problems, sure we were missing Mark and yes I cried a lot today but Christmas came, Christ was born, and we are one day closer to the home-coming of our Marine, our Daddy, and my Mark! We missed you terribly today Mark, and we cannot wait until we can share all of our Christmas presents with you. Merry Christmas everyone, this is one year to really count your blessings. I know I sure have.

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