Monday, May 21, 2012

One Year Later!

It's the one year anniversary of hearing those horrible words... you've got "the c word". (I still don't like to say it or claim it!)
 Here is a brief photo calendar for my life since May/June 2011.
Sunset over Waikiki Beach Hawaii
Zip lining through Okinawa's wilderness! So beautiful, breath taking views of the East China Sea!
I kissed Santa Claus and I liked it! (aka he's Mr. Sexy Pants!)
I wore a funky bug contraption on an EPIC Geo caching adventure w/ Katie in Alaska's wilderness!
Junior and I along one of the braided rivers in Denali National Park. (BTW: It snowed that day too!)
Member of the 3% club of Alaska. We got to see Denali twice on our trip up there! God blessed us on that trip!
Mom and I at Diamond Head, we didn't hike it I was just a few days post surgery, but gotta see the beauty of Hawaii not just my stinkin' hotel room!
Mark and I at our first Luau. We danced, slowly but danced (again a couple days post surgery!)
My girl, Maureen Domery (great friend from 2nd grade) chaperoned me (my medical attendant) to Hawaii. She took me sea kayaking, my abs hurt so bad I couldn't sleep for two nights and I walked funny! (my abs hadn't recovered from my first surgery, but we didn't know that prior to our trek) Oh yeah, we also got 'yelled' at by the lifeguard for going out way to far past the 'safety zone'. Great times... Love this girl to pieces! (Thanks Maureen for memories, friendship and desserts!)
I got a job as a Transition Assistance Program Trainer (I help active duty transition their career into the civilian world).
Mark and our tall kids at Maeda Point (great scuba spot) on Okinawa, no Caleb is NOT taller than Mark he's standing on a rock!
I held a giant snake, it was creepy fun. Would I do it again, yep if it would make Katie smile like that again!
Hiked a waterfall w/ my beautiful family and great friends, the Mitchell's!!!
I was blessed with another year filled with breath taking moments, many tears and lots more laughter with three blessings from God.

I can go on and on and on... but I won't that just wouldn't be fair. Ya'll would be so jealous, but I need to ask this question.

How was the past year of your life? Did you make an impact on YOUR World? in THE World? Have you lived with significant passion that other's can see, feel and touch?

I think I have, but there is always room for improvement. 

You don't have to wait until January to make an impact, start today!

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