Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How things can change just by talking...

I find it interesting that our perspective or one's interpretation of a situation can change so quickly just by talking about it. Why do we as women avoid confrontation, avoid conversations that aren't going to be easy and fun? I had a great talk w/ my BFF yesterday, we hadn't talked in a while and I felt very disjointed, stressed and wondering where I was headed. You have to understand that my BFF is also my business partner. We have a very unique friendship b/c our relationship started out as a business relationship, and we've grown to BFF's. So it can make for a challenging friendship. She brought up a very interesting point yesterday... why can men say it like it is to each other, speak frankly and not be afraid to hurt each others feelings (yes, men do have feelings!), get it all out in the open, and then have lunch together and act like nothing ever happened? We women are afraid to do it... why? What's holding us back, for me it's I hate confrontation. There is this underlying fear associated with it in my subconscious. So how to I kill that fear, or concur it without jeopardizing my friendships or relationships that are so dear and important in my life. I am very glad to say that b/c of the conversation I had yesterday, I feel more confident in our friendship, secure in our business relationship and am moving forward. Hey BFF, thanks for pushing me to talk and forcing these issues on the table.


Mark said...

I don't know why you women have such a hard time just putting it out there. I sure don't have you figured out, that is for sure. You ladies seem to have conversational constipation when it comes to emotions... but doesn't it just feel great to push that blockage out!!!?

Love Ya!!!

The Combat Croppers said...

I'm glad we had this convo too! My husband taught me that it's so important to tackle the difficult issues before it gets too resentful to continue the friendship! You are a fabulous friend and coworker...I'm very blessed! Let's keep movin' forward and live our dream!